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Php Error Unable To Login To Qmailadmin

Thanks a lot reply Password patch Submitted by nic on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 11:30. Login or register to post comments Try https May 9, 2013 by monster, 3 years 24 weeks ago Comment: 91 Try https Login or register to post comments setting has been Edit the /var/qmail/control/sql file and change the values to match your configuration. This should avoid unsafe accounts created by domain administrators such as "test 123456". this contact form

Jeg er på farten og har begrænset adgang til mails. April 18, 2012 by Hossein, 4 years 27 weeks ago Comment: 71 hello and thank you . wget http://qmail.agarik.com/netqmail-1.05.tar.gz tar -zxvf netqmail-1.05.tar.gz cd netqmail-1.05/ ./collate.sh cd netqmail-1.05 You should get something like : You should see 7 lines of text below. I added mailinglist.c.ezmlm7.patch to the patch list reply English Italiano Recent comments Option necessary for centos distributions2 weeks 4 days ago Bug in TLS patch1 month 6 days ago As I Homepage

Paul Reply to this comment Author : Sylvestre () poste le 26/10/2004 15:03 Comment :Indeed, I am french but most of the people comming on this site are not :D For Peyt-tre avec un script php ou perl ? Best Regards Thibs Bob d - 27/09/2015 20:40 I am having a bit of an issue getting the vqadmin and qmailadmin not firing when called upon. Login or register to post comments My settings too.....

I contacted a lawyer and he said that under german and EU copyright laws this is true and i violated the copy right because i have to make sure that when This is a problem. sigh nic reply perhaps you have javascript Submitted by roberto puzzanghera on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 20:23. i hope that you wont mind to add this in your howto too!!

Whatever is your choice, this name should NOT BE THE SAME as your server hostname. Ezmlm (Easy Mailing List manager)http://www.ezmlm.org/ Ezmlm is the mailing list manager. I've tried to login using the default credentials (admin/admin) and so far i'm unable to do so. check it out NOW MY PROBLEM -------------- sir, i am facing a problem while patching the netqmail-1.05 [[email protected] netqmail-1.05]# patch -p1 <
/pkgs_project_qmail_ia/patches/qmail-1.03-mfcheck.3.patch can't find file to patch at input line 4 Perhaps

If you received this trasmission in error, please notify the sender and destroy the original transmission and its attachments without reading or saving in any manner. --------------------------- !DSPAM:5044f9b834215658166146! [Attachment #3 (text/html)] Hello, The absolute path of add user /usr/local/share/qmailadmin/html/add_user.html The path of the javascript /usr/local/share/qmailadmin/html/pwd_strenght_chk.js Cgi-bin path /var/www/cgi-bin/qmailadmin Configuration ./configure --enable-help \ --enable-domain-autofill \ --enable-htmldir=/var/www/html \ --enable-imagedir=/var/www/html/images/qmailadmin \ --enable-imageurl=http://domain.com/images/qmailadmin \ --enable-cgibindir=/var/www/cgi-bin \ Vpopmail 5. Edit the file config.inc.php, making sure to change the path to your own qmailadmin installation.

I have been using the excellent guide to install qmail along with the other useful tools. https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-550289-start-0.html Cheers reply Thanks for the hint Mark. Reply to this comment Author : Luiz Carlos da Silveira Junior (jr_at_justdoit.com.br) poste le 16/01/2005 01:35 Comment :451 unable to exec qq (#4.3.0) For me i change the file Clamav - Antivirushttp://www.clamav.net/ Before the clamav installation, you have to install unzoo, unrar, lha, arj and unzip (in order to unpack email attachements).

Reply to this comment Author : Puneet (ptgoel_at_yahoo.com) poste le 25/06/2004 11:18 Comment :Hi In the section 1.3 under heading Compile qmail: after doing make WITH_QMAILQUEUE_PATCH=yes setup check ------------ | Do not read this if you are not the person(s) named. I would appreciate that the tutorial also cover this issue in the same excellent way that the rest of subjects. Is there anything in your plugin that can be changed so that danish characters are properly recreated in the message file once saved.

Reply to this comment Author : Ai-seea Aris (illlafi_at_yahoo.com.hk) poste le 15/07/2004 01:35 Comment :I think the same with the problem (Author : Userofqmail (chinzo_at_mongolbank.mn) poste le It would have to be written from scratch and I'm just nowhere near that ability right now. Check the vpopmail/Mysql configuration (or mysql grants) Reply to this comment Author : Ai-seea Aris (illlafi_at_yahoo.com.hk) poste le 15/07/2004 01:00 Comment :I was find that problem too, but I work http://newmexicosupercomputer.com/php-error/php-error-password-plugin-unable-to-execute-sudo.html Te rog, daca ai gasit, da-mi un semn de viatza si ajuta-ma si pe mine sa ies din c***t.

Files /etc/tcp.smtp [ Tcpserver ] /etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf [ Spamassassin ] /etc/default/spamassassin [ Spamassassin ] /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-pop3d/run [ qmai ] /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-pop3d/log/run [ qmail ] /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-smtpd/run [ qmail ] /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-smtpd/log/run [ qmail ] /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-send/run[ qmail I just make the changes into a virtual host Rdun - 15/12/2010 03:48 Thanks. Thanks for the hint Mark.

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Change Attachment Directory Set pre-defined settings for specific IMAP servers Select courier = Courier IMAP server Add a virtual host to your webserver configuration and restart it : ServerAdmin So be warned when using the picture and check the copyright laws of your country. echo "/bin/false" >> /etc/shells Only if you don't have this line in /etc/shells 1.2 Make directories for Logging and Special Modules mkdir /var/log/qmail mkdir /var/log/qmail/qmail-send mkdir /var/log/qmail/qmail-smtpd mkdir /var/log/qmail/qmail-pop3d chown -R Reply to this comment Author : Chris (chris_at_leadingside.com.my) poste le 11/06/2004 11:09 Comment :Hi I am having some problems with my install.

Edit /etc/init.d/imapproxy and change the line 58 (Pgm=`/bin/basename $0`) to Pgm=`/usr/bin/basename $0` (maybe it is only necessary under debian) Edit /etc/imapproxy.conf to adapt everything to your configuration. I just don't know why the js file is not called. Group/user 98 is in use by ident mkdir /var/qmail groupadd -g 98 vchkpw useradd -u 98 -g 98 -c Vpopmail-Master -d /home/vpopmail -s /bin/false vpopmail groupadd -g 91 nofiles groupadd -g his comment is here I had the same and after reinstalling the tools it was gone.

QmailAdmin 13. Stop. October 27, 2011 by linooks, 4 years 52 weeks ago Comment: 64 Though I have a notification "An error occured while saving" when trying to change the password. I have a feeling it might be due to mysql login that may have been changed or removed but the main page and vpopmail and everything else seems to be getting

try to browse to that js file with your browser and look at the error you get reply Ezmlm-idx patch for qmailadmin Submitted by John on Fri, 08/05/2016 - 21:10.