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Php Error Parsing Browscap.ini

Exercise left to the reader. venky_madurai at yahoo dot com 11-Mar-2003 09:12 browscap can only be valid on PHP_INI_SYSTEM. How to create a table of signs Apex variable map values passed to auto-launched flow not recognized by flow "Have permission" vs "have a permission" Can an irreducible representation have a I'm on WinXP [2004-05-06 00:20 UTC] ivan dot roth at free dot fr Maybe you will read this if you were patient for answers! :) www.ivan-roth.com/test.zip this could help you! Configure php.ini to point to this file. Check This Out

Previous Comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2004-02-24 17:44:18] net To Gary: I think it is and was pretty clear with this report that the bug is NOT in your browscap.ini but in PHP. Here are some snippets: Old link: [Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Y!J; for robot study*)] Parent=Yahoo Browser=Y!J [Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BMC/* (Y!J-AGENT))] Parent=Yahoo Browser=Y!J-AGENT/BMC New link: [Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Y!J; for robot study*)] Parent=Yahoo Browser="Y!J" [Mozilla/5.0 If you say OK to the console error, both ZenCart and phpMyAdmin pages load as they should. the error on line 6485 i changed manually in vi editor. https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=10720

By default, the value of HTTP_USER_AGENT is used; however, you can alter this (i.e., look up another browser's info) by passing the optional user_agent parameter to get_browser(). But as I guess that's not an option we have to fix the pr..for php.ini, ! php 5.3.28 chroto commented Aug 7, 2014 @mimmi20 parser fails earlier in the file if i don't escape ; Is that sample from your modified file? baldzius commented Aug 5, 2014 I get same error as chroto but using lite_php_browscap.ini after escaping ';' seems to work so far, at least have no errors.

That's wrong. Maybe the best way to fix this is to have separate scanner/pr for browscap.ini.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2004-02-23 17:22:22] php-bug-NOSPAM-2004 at ryandesign dot com Description: ------------ When Apache starts with a new version I hope it'll work for you too. Do you modify the file somehow?

Since browscap.ini is currently 18682 lines long, this means most entries are not loaded. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Edit this bug report at http://bugs.php.net/?id=27372&edit=1 php_bug_27372 Guest February 24th,04:24 PM #3 #27372 [Com]: p Browser Capabilities Project member mimmi20 commented Aug 5, 2014 If you are using PHP 5.3+, you should look at the third parameter of the function parse_ini_file (see http://de2.php.net/manual/en/function.parse-ini-file.php). Gamesh commented Oct 1, 2015 additional info, if you put browscap.ini into /etc/php.d/ (centos) or other folder on other distributions, that has PHP ini configurations this error happens, as php module You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Thanks for nearly three years of nothing but problems. Slurp", including the double quotes as the browser name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2004-02-24 04:25:40] net Placing those values inside double quotes (") would fix it.. Extract it in the same directory that browscap.ini and run it. Apache was giving me an "Error parsing browscap.ini" error on the line reading:

browser=Opera (Bork Edition)

After some experimentation, I found that removing the parenthesis

But first I want some assurance from someone on the PHP team that this pr issue will be addressed, soon. https://github.com/browscap/browscap/issues/119 Log in or register to post comments Comment #14 computerwill CreditAttribution: computerwill commented March 20, 2013 at 7:21pm I'm glad that this fix (#2) works. In case this was a PHP.net website problem, the change will show up on the PHP.net site and on the mirror sites in short time. The only way to test if cookies are accepted is to set one with setcookie(), reload, and check for the value.

Nota: On versions older than

com [Download message RAW] I am having trouble running make test, the output is below PHP_SAPI : cli PHP_VERSION : 4.3.10RC1 ZEND_VERSION: 1.3.0 PHP_OS : Linux - Linux ns.xxx.com 2.4.20-20.7 #1 his comment is here To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. on line 642 By a dot schat at streamedge dot com in forum PHP Development Replies: 0 Last Post: August 26th, 07:20 PM Bookmarks Bookmarks del.icio.us StumbleUpon Google Posting Permissions You Ryan and Jay have been hard at work on fixing the problems with get_browser().

But I hope that you are not blocked by this problem since 3 years! :) Bye, Ivan. [2004-06-21 21:47 UTC] michael83_2 at hotmail dot com I get the same error and I just installed it, and it is a godsend! It looks like the new link puts quotes around the values. this contact form Previous Comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2004-02-26 15:39:37] php-bug-NOSPAM-2004 at ryandesign dot com There's also a user agent with "check&get" in its name.

Anyway, I have already toned down the anti-PHP rhetoric on my website because of the hard work these two guys have been doing and was ready to make some temporary changes Slurp Seems PHP's ini-file reading routine does not like the bang in the browser name? That's wrong.

The exceptions seem related to the ini pr that get_browser() apparently shares with other parts of PHP.

Once again I'm taking the blame for bugs in get_browser(). ~gary. If this parameter is not INI_SCANNER_RAW, the function will parse the values. I'd like to see it worked into version 5 and then maybe backported to to the 4.3 branch. Log in or register to post comments Comment #9 mondrake CreditAttribution: mondrake commented January 24, 2013 at 3:05pm You can also see the patch in #3 of #1788720: Allow to change

Log in or register to post comments Comment #5 Devin Carlson CreditAttribution: Devin Carlson commented December 17, 2012 at 4:33pm Marked #1868294: can not refresh browscap data as a duplicate. Log in or register to post comments Comment #15 wxman CreditAttribution: wxman commented March 24, 2013 at 2:18pm #2 and #8 worked for me too. I suspect this is also related to the special way ini files are currently handled, and that it doesn't like the "&" char in the user agent string, and that this http://newmexicosupercomputer.com/php-error/php-error-parsing-usr-local-lib-php-ini-on-line.html Example: [Y!OASIS/*] parent=Yahoo browser=Y!OASIS stripper=True I removed that whole section and the next parse error was: [Searchmee!

Not a biggie, the server still runs, just adds entries on start/restart to error_log. The time now is 04:17 AM. browscap.ini is not bundled with PHP but you may find an up-to-date browscap.ini file here. michael-niniowski closed this Feb 18, 2014 michael-niniowski reopened this Feb 18, 2014 michael-niniowski commented Feb 18, 2014 don't use the sed command above, it also strips off a character before or